Detroit Turbos Lacrosse Club

The purpose of The Turbos is to:   1) Provide top coaching and to develop individuals to reach their peak potential as a lacrosse player 2) To help players grow personally through discipline, commitment, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 3) To provide consistently good coaching and teamwork throughout the year to be able to compete with the best club teams in the state.

"...the best coach I have run across in my many kids sports" Dan C
"...playing for many years and said coach nick is his favorite coach.  They learned a lot" Tara D
"...the difference in his game is remarkable.  We wouldn't have learned half as much elsewhere" Mike S

The Turbos Club is in the process becoming the 1763 Lacrosse Club in order to be more consistent with the progression from youth to high school lacrosse.  1763 and Turbos have been operated together throughout history and will continue to do so with the same philosophy, coaching staff, and processes.